A History of Bioinformatics (in the Year 2039)

I saw jecgenovese of Peak Memory reblog this post from Mike Caulfield titled “No More Secret Sauce Analytics” which is of importance in science in general and this video on bioinformatics makes many of the same points. The jokes aside, you don’t need to know anything about bioinformatics Secret sauce analytics is a hindrance to reproducibility.   Advertisements

Why you are not shaped like a Disc

The manoeuvrability hypothesis to explain the maintenance of bilateral symmetry in animal evolution< Gábor Holló and Mihály Novák Biology Direct 2012, 7:22 doi:10.1186/1745-6150-7-22 Published: 12 July 2012 Abstract Background The overwhelming majority of animal species exhibit bilateral symmetry. However, the precise evolutionary importance of bilateral symmetry is unknown, although elements of the understanding of the phenomenon…