Experimental Biology 2013


Experimental Biology 2013 is wrapping up today in Boston and some really neat presentations have been made. The list of press releases can be found here. These are some of the ones I liked the most (goes to PDF):

Middle-Schoolers Discover Novel Chemical Bond – brainy kids.

Two Days of Staging as Effective as Four for High Altitude Climbs – cut down your time on base camp.

New Dietary Analysis Tool for Athletes Debuts – there is an app for that.

More Evidence Berries Have Health-Promoting Properties – delicious and healthy

Cutting Back on Sleep Harms Blood Vessel Function and Breathing Control – see other posts on sleep.

Anatomist Is Fleshing Out Dinosaur Heads, Reaching People about Science – dinos are cool

New Studies Examine Caffeine’s Effect on Cognitive Tasks, Food Pairing – what was really interesting is the menstrual cycle and gender specific differences.

Study: Mushrooms Provide as Much Vitamin D as Supplements – good news for lovers of champignon soup

Vitamin E Identified as Potential Weapon Against Obesity –

The Human Immune System in Space – microgravity has negative impact on immune system.

Your Body’s Microbiome Has a Unique ‘Fingerprint‘ – I’ve made several posts on microbiomes

Menu Labels Displaying Amount of Exercise Needed to Burn Calories Show Benefits – “2 km walk” makes you think more than “100 calories”

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