From the 2013 American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session

A truckload of presentations coming out of ACC’s session. Since they are all relatively related, I’ll do this in bulk. For those who follow Twitter it’s #ACC13.

Some of these are being presented first at the ACC session  some are in press and a few are recently published.

Hurricane Katrina Continues to Kill – A 2007 study found elevated mortality among those who experience Katrina and this updated study finds the negative impact on health continues.

Young Fatties Take a Bigger Health Hit – Being overweight early in life seems to carry a bigger health burden.

Greece’s Economic Woes and Increased Heart Attack Rates – Whether it’s a hurricane or finance, stress kills.

Cholesterol Levels Show Seasonal Cycle – like the seasons our cholesterol also changes.

Paying for Lost Kilos – a few dollars a month and loss aversion motivates weight loss.

Healthy Teeth and Healthy Heart – tooth loss associated with heart disease.


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