Maximize Your Flirting Success, Do It When It’s Sunny

Make your move on a sunny day.

Social Influence


Weather and courtship behavior: A quasi-experiment with the flirty sunshine

Studies have shown that pleasant weather conditions (namely sunshine) favor positive social relationships and improve moods. However, the effect of sunshine on romantic relationships has never been studied. In a field quasi-experiment 18–25-year-old women walking alone in the street were approached by an attractive 20-year-old male confederate who solicited them for their phone numbers. The women were solicited on days that were evaluated as being either sunny or cloudy but care was taken to control for temperature and not to solicit participants when it rained. It was found that women agreed more often to the confederate’s courtship solicitation on the sunny days. Positive mood induction by the sun may explain such results.


4 thoughts on “Maximize Your Flirting Success, Do It When It’s Sunny

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  2. I must agree. It does seem like nice, sunny weather helps set a more positive mood 🙂
    Springtime and Summertime. Beautiful weather and beautiful minds 😀

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